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Web Dynpro logic

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Hi, im interested to make a Dynpro Appplications, can i put in Dynpro applications some logic, how i do this in servlets.

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Web Dynpro is a client-independent programming model of the SAP NetWeaver technology platform for developing user interfaces for Web applications

Refer this link for simple application in webdynpro



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Hi Nikita,

Web dynpro is technology to build UI so it is not recommended to put inside WD components some business logic. For such purposes use EJB, Webservices, CAF services etc. WD component should contain logic only related to UI like validation, UI manipulation, backend integartaion etc.

Best regards, Maksim Rashchynski.

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Employee inputs employee number and selects Functional and Technical options from the initial screen and should be able to navigate to appropriate next screens. In the next screen all relevant drop downs should be populated automatically. All dependent drop downs should be populated based on the parent value selected. Employee should have options to Add, Delete, and Update skill details. And finally employee should be able to save all details. If Employee details all ready exist in DB, values should be displayed automatically in the corresponding fields.

Tech. areas covered:

Web Dynpro Tables, View Navigations, Events, Multi Selection List, Java Dictionary, JDBC, and SQL Queries.

how to continue with this.........

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First of all its not Dynpro, its web dynpro in SAP. Yes, you can keep business logic in Web dynpro, but what kind of ??

If it is for views/front end, you can. Otherwise its not recommended.