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Web AS - J2EE Instance not starting.

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We have installed WebAS640 (ABAP+J2EE). Both the instances were starting and working properly. We had couple of POCs executed on this installation. However, after a restart of the server, the J2EE instance is not coming up properly. In the SAP management console both the instances are shown as green. However the http://serverip:50000 gives Service not available error. In the J2EE instaance process list, in the message server deverloper trace we got the following error:

[Thr 5204] Thu May 26 18:36:52 2005

[Thr 5204] ***LOG Q0I=> NiPRead: recv (10054: WSAECONNRESET: Connection reset by peer) [ninti.c 777]

[Thr 5204] *** ERROR => MsSRead: NiBufReceive (rc=NIECONN_BROKEN) [msxxserv.c 9101]

[Thr 5204] *** ERROR => MsSClientHandle: MsSRead C2 (J2EE8699950), MSEINTERN [msxxserv.c 3765]

[Thr 5204] MsJ2EE_AddDisconnectedNode: add node [8699950] into disconnect list

How to resolve this problem ? Any pointers would be of great help.

Thanks and Regards

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hi,look at this

and try to change regedit.;en-us;Q170359#appliesto

good luck.

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We are a facing a problem with the startup of the J2EE instance of the WebAS. It's giving an error that the librfc32.dll file required is of new version and hence the J2EE engine is not started. Our server has been running since a long time and we have come across this issue with the recent restart of the server. 

We checked the librfc32.dll (the log is mentioning this dll fine - and is giving information that a newer version of this is required). However we checked with the backup and checked this file which exists in C:winntsystem32 if of the correct version.

However in one message we are using a jar file (imported archive) which in turn references the downloaded newer version of the librfc32.dll. We guess out J2EE Instance of WebAS is trying to refer to this dll while starting and hence the problem. 

I guess this problem can be solved if this Message Map can and the jar file (in the imported archives section) can be undeployed. 

Our problem is because of this problem Integration Builder (even the http://machineip:8000 page) is not coming up. So without the access of Integration Builder (Integration Repository) we are not able to undeploy this message map.

How to resolve this issue ? Is there any way to undeploy without accessing the IR ?

Please find the log below which is available in c:usrsapC03DVEBMGS00j2eeclusterdispatcherlog[impl:5]_52##0#0#Error#1#/System/Server#Java###Core service failed. J2EE Engine cannot be started. [EXCEPTION] {0}#1#java.lang.ExceptionInInitializerError: JCO.classInitialize(): Could not load middleware layer ''JCO.nativeInit(): Could not initialize dynamic link library librfc. Found version "640.0.46" but required at least version "640.0.59".
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hi,Dib B .

" least version "640.0.59""

the version is the WAS 640 Unicode Kernel version.

As it required, download the kernel patch, and update it