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Web AS 6.40 Java connecting to R/3 Basis 620

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I'm trying to setup Web Dynpro to work with an older R/3 (620 Basis). However, I did not figure out how to configure a JCo Connection.

Things I did so far:

  • Imported the predefined CIM models into SLD

  • Started SLD

  • Configured SLD connection in the Visual Administrator

I guess the next step would be to tell SLD about the R/3!? Any hints on that?

I read about transaction RZ70, which would require some service patches. However, installing these patches is currently not an option for some reasons. So, I hope there's another way?

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Answers (4)

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OK, it worked out by taking the additional steps:

  • Technical Landscape -> New Web AS ABAP

  • Add user group PUBLIC in R/3

  • Use transaction SMLG to assign PUBLIC to the system

  • Adjust %windir%/system32\drivers\etc\hosts and services (sapmsSID 3600/tcp # SAP System Message Port)

  • Open ports 3600 (Message Server) and 3300 (Gateway) if you have a firewall between the systems

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Thanks for your answers, but I am not sure if they address my problem. Web AS is up and running and I think I know enough about Web Dynpro to configure it EXCEPT the connection to R/3 Basis 620. I guess I need some help on SLD, like where to find the right settings.

Let me try to rephrase my question: How can I integrate a not-so-new R/3 into the infrastructure so I can use it with Web Dynpro?

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Hi Mark,

Well since you have imported all the components and started the sld and made the required additions in the sld, the next thing you have to do is to create the WebAS for ABAP system in Technical Landscapes for your R/3 System. Once that is done then requied JCo connections needs to be created so that you can use the system in WebDynpro.

For that go to http://host:port click on Web Dynpro and in the subsequent page that appears, click on Content Administrator. Give your admin user & password. Once in click on create Create JCo connection.

You will need to create two connections, one is for the meta data and the other for the model.

Hope this will solve your problem.


Sumith Rajagopalan

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You can check http://<your servername):<port>/sld check for sld settings here you mention your R/3 userID password and all other details mean while check the Jco connection test it

http://<your servername):<port>/ webdynpro->....

This way you can establish connection to R/3 to your WAS and build an application in NWDS deploy and run.. it should work this time,,

hope this helped you



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Markus, I think the easiest way for you to go is to download the WAS640 Sneak preview at the SDN Download area. This will allow you to play around with the Web Dynpro functionalities as well as the new development tools. Tiest