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Want to know about WDDOAFTERACTION method.

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Hi ,

        I am trying to do some operation based on button click.

I am able to get which button is clicked in WDDOBEFOREACTION with following code,

   lo_api_controller = wd_this->wd_get_api( ).

   lo_action = lo_api_controller->get_current_action( ).

   IF lo_action IS BOUND.

     CASE lo_action->name.





      but the thing is how to perform an operation after that button click in WDDOAFTERACTION method.

any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks ...

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Answers (3)

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Hi mallikarjun,

WDDOBEFOREACTION( ) method will be called before the user action( Event handler ) is called.

This method can be used for validations or to set data for reference etc.

Eg: If you had clicked on SAVE button, first WDDOBEFOREACTION( ) will be called and then OnActionSAVE( ) will be called.

Hope you had understood the functionality of the method.

Thanks & Regards,

Sankar Gelivi.

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•          This method is called for all visible views at the time an action is executed.

•          Here functions can be placed that are carried out equally for all associated event handlers

After any action on view, if you want to trigger some thing then we can place our code in wddoafteraction.

for example: There is a submit button action in view. By taking an action of submit it will do some calculation and navigate the some other view. before navigation of that if you want to do validation then you can write here.

Rajesh K

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Hi Mallikarjun,

The method wddoafteraction( ) is used to perform non-action specific operations before navigation.

You can get the current action details in that method by storing action into view attribute during wddobeforeaction( ) method ,but control reaches there after event handler of your action executed.

Whats your requirement?