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want to change a field to dropdown in a table...

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Hello friends,

i have developed a table with all input fields binded toa strucutre. it was good,

but unfortunately one of the fields now i have to make it a drop down. the values intially which im showing it up should remain the same, but one field has to be changed to drop down.

But on a action i have to update this dropdown,(action button is on the table, like add new rec.. i have to show all the possible values in this drop down field).

i have created a node with attributes taken from strucutre and binded to table.(Earlier)

Now how can i make this field easily a drop down, without much work?

could someone pls guide me here... its going messy for me .

thanks in advance,


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hi friends,

i was able to do this for just first record in a table by following code..

node_servprod = wd_context->get_child_node( name = wd_this->wdctx_serv_prod ).

node_servprod->bind_table( et_itemlist ). (this et_itemlist has strucuture where PROD_NO is a field, now i want that as a drop down).

DATA: wa TYPE wdr_context_attr_value,

it TYPE TABLE OF wdr_context_attr_value,

info TYPE REF TO if_wd_context_node_info.

wa-value = 'S10005'.

wa-text = 'hi'.

APPEND wa TO it.

info = node_servprod->get_node_info( ).

info->set_attribute_value_set( name = 'PROD_NO'

value_set = it ).

But the PROD_NO, of the second row, how to append that to the table in layout?

could you pls make me understand this scenario.

I wanted to append the drop down with the value which is coming from backedn for each row. The second row's value should not be visible in row1 when i try to click down arrow of dropdown button.

i appreciate this, and thanks in advance,


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Hi Niraja,

Just write a supply function to the node u binded to the table and populate the values you want.

They will refelect when you add a new row and also old values remain..


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Hello Nirija ,

I think you should create a child node inside the tree node for drop down . And for every row of the table you have to fill that node . Now you can directly bind this node to a table column .

Just try this ...



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sorry earlier reply i thought that the same drop down for all fields.

for your requirement create a node which you bind to the table.

then for the dropdown u create one more node in the parent node with cardinatily 0..n and use drop down by index in the table.

bind the attribute in the child node to the dropdown by undex.

now when you add the new row, on that action, create a element of the node which id binded to the table and for that element you get the child node which we binded to the drop down by index and bind the values you want.

if u want to delimit the earlier selected the parent node, get all the existing values in that and form the msater tables remove that values and bind the new set of values to the dropdown by index node.


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Hi madhu and vivek,

basically see i have a internal table1 binded to a table with a cntext.

now in ithis table i have a coloumn 2 with drop down. now when i bind the table1, for every row coloumn2 has only one value...

now what i didnt understand is how to bind coloum2's values in second row, third row , fourth row of table... 1st row i got how to hind it..

the second row;s drop down value should not be shown in first row's drop down value. thats my point.

i guess u understood my point. In on epoint, i need a table with seconf coloumnd as drop down, and each row's second coloumnd value will be only one value, and should not be seen in next rows.

kindly resond, thank in advance,


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