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Viz Frame UI5 Graph issue

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Hello Experts,

I am using 1.44.35 UI version and implementing vizframe UI5 graph. Issue is related to datalabels positions in the graph. (Refer screenshot)

First time on load of graph page, it's working fine without any issues. But once I go to previous page and come back on the graph screen, its giving issue for graph labels positions.



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Would you happen to have a issue replication snippix so we could check? Have you done any data label customization thru call back function by using dataLabel.renderer?

I have a template,output which is using sap.m.Carousel control to simulate the page switching scenario. If you are not using Carousel control, feel free to modify it.

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you can try by using a chart container so that there remains a container between the view and the graph so that it doesn't shift.

else set the width and height to x%.

try both. it should work. if it doesn't please share the code, as that might give a better insight into the issue