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visul 2010 using crystal reports

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I have a VB.NET 2010  desktop application that generates reports by using crystal reports. Since I am new to working with crystal reports, I have the following questions:

1. I am trying to determine how the input data is linked to the crystal report for the data to be displayed. In the 2010 code, I can see where there is a select statement and the data is placed in a dataset will a fill statement. I looked at crystal reports 'experts', formulas, and select statements, and I do not see how the data gets into the report. I do see where the connection to where the database is at. Thus can you tell me what to look for so I can see how the data gets into the crystal report?

2. This particular report displays summarized data in groups. I have found that some of the summarized data is lost and not being displayed. I have run the query on my own in the database and I do see how some of the data is not displayed. Thus can you tell when what I can look at to see where the data is lost? I have looked at section experts/groups, but I do see where the grouping columns are at. Can you recommend how I can find this type of selection criteria I am missing?

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Diane,

First can you tell us what version of CR runtime you are using in your application? In Programs and Features it will tell you the version, the assembly version in VS will always be the same.

When reports are created they can either be based on a Dataset in Visual Studio using the ADO.NET driver or you can update the data source to a Dataset in code. CR will convert the connection info to the DS using .SetLocation API.

Not much to go on so not sure what else to tell you.


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The code is in the .net framework 4.0 which is 64 bit.

I know the application, updates the data source in a Dataset in 2010 code. Would you tell on how cr will will know how to use this dataset?

Would you like me to show you some code?

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