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Visual Studio Code - Fiori List Report Page from Odata not generating detail page

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Please correct me If I am using the incorrect tag, since I am new to this, and am not using the SAP Fiori Tools, but an extension of it in VSC.

Currently, I am using the VSC software to generate Fiori apps with the template 'List Report Page' using Odata v2 created from my SAP system, I am using 2 Entity Type: Header and Item.

The issue I am facing is that, after finished generating the application and previewing the page opened in browser, I could see the Header data loaded correctly as below, but when I click the arrow button (which I assume load the Item page), nothing showed up.

Do I need to build the detail page manually (like typing each line of code) instead of generating it from Fiori: application generator in VSC? or perhaps I am missing some object in my Odata? I have created the navigation property too (only in Header, but not in Item EntitySet), also I have redefined the method get_entity for both Header and Item Set.

Perhaps, does it have something to do with these checkbox in Entity Sets?

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