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Virtual key figures BADI compute method not triggering

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Dear All ,

I implemeted the BADI , for virtual keyfigures,

compute method is not getting triggered , i cehcked this by putting breakpoint.

could any one of you suggest me , why it is so.



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Answers (2)

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Hi there,

Did you manage to resolve this problem, i also have the compute method not trigerring please advise.


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Hi Jad,

Have you already defined the filter in info-provider ??

If no, p/s define it first.

You can go to the implementation (either you create new / modify the exist one), you'll see the attribute tab there.

Determining your info-provider name there.

Then check again whether it's run/not ?? You can do it by RSRT tcode for debugging.

Here is also the reference link regarding that kind of topic.

Hopefully it can help you a lot.



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Hi Niel,

Thanks for your contirbution.

Indeed, i have previously followed this link and exactly did the same steps coz my infoprovider is also an infoset.

I also have defined the fillter for the infoset but i did not add the infoset name in the attributes of the class as it doesn't mention that in the link. i will try to add the name to the attribute but what is the naming convesion that i should use?



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1. make a break-point in method IF_EX_RSR_OLAP_BADI~DEFINE. Then generate the bw-report in RSRT. This function must be stoped at the break-point.

2. check the coding of IF_EX_RSR_OLAP_BADI~DEFINE.

- are the infoobjects exists in the infocube?

- the problem with '0' or '/BIC/'. SAP-InfoObjects you must declared so:

l_s_chanm-chanm = '0INFOPROV'.

and one objects with:

l_s_chanm-chanm = 'ZMATERIAL'.

3. have you create attributes for the fields in the class (see method IF_EX_RSR_OLAP_BADI~INITIALIZE)

P_CHA_INFOPROV Instance Attribute Private Type I


PS: Always I have also this problem. I generate all objects (infocube, report, badi) again/change the abap. Anytime it's works fine. I don't know why it don't going directly.