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Virtual characteristic or a regular charactersitic ?

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Hello All,

i want to include a new characteristic 'zregion' in my cube, whose value gets computed on the basis of other characteristic values in the cube.

I'm confused whether i should populate this characteristic in the update rules or whether i should implement it as a virtual characteristic.

I think if i,

implement 'zregion' as a virtual characteristic then i will not be able to filter the query results based on the user specified values for the virtual characteristic(by creating a variable on the virtual characteristic for manual user entry).

Whereas if i have the values for 'zregion' in the cube itself, then it will allow me to filter the query results based of the user specified value for 'zregion' at query execution time.

Please let me know your thoughts on this, is my understanding right ?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Sanjay,

your considerations are right, but the real trade-off is related to the performance impact (about a possible vrtual implementation...for details, see other posts in these forums)

...however, if you are able to reload your cube to fill your new char I would suggest to you to follow this way without any doubt !

Implement your virtual char only if necessary (that is if you can't reload your cube..)

Hope it helps !



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Hello Roberto,

thanks for confirming my thoughts.

Merry christmas ,


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