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Very confused by SAP and attitude to Advantage Database Server and Portal


Can anyone here tell me if this sounds right? We've been a partner for ADS for probably 25 years. We had access to the portal and made our own codes and sold them on to our users. When the portal went down someone in our organisation asked the oempartner email address what to do, as did I. They answered me, asked for my SAP partner number - we've never had one - then ignored me thereafter when I said that. I asked who exactly was responisble for making the decision to leave customers high and dry and unable to serve their own customers with systems they still sell. Nothing. No response. My colleague, meantime, was asked for an old invoice number. When he supplied it OEMPartners said they had no record of us (25 years remember) and gave him the name of a reseller here in the UK. Climb. But surely we were a reseller of sorts until this?

It just seems like one big mess. I know it's been clear for sometime that SAP wanted to rid themselves of ADS but the way it's been done seems very poor indeed.

Of course, we can talk to the reseller but, I'm assuming then we pay reseller prices, right?

I just don't understand why a company removes a working portal without warning and then (sort of) continues to sell a product. It makes no sense to me at all and it's terrible customer relations.

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We experienced the very same, although we were maybe 15 years partner.
The quotations by that reseller did not work out, and I hated the lot so much that instead of buying we started stealing. By now this should be legal for a non existing product.

Regarding the latter, on top of it all we worked for 7 years on the integration of ADS with our ERP system. I should sue them for many millions.