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Verbose output from tp and other commands

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Hi All -

We have several production environments (all RHEL) all using tp and sapevt for various activities. They all behave fairly well except our BW system. tp and sapevt on that system always spits out a ton of information when run interactively. If run via cron or at, there is no detailed output.

I've compared just about all I can see between the BW and other systems (environment, stms config, terminal settings, etc.) but cannot determine why I get the verbose output.

I've determined, by using ksh output redirection, that the output is coming from those programs writing to stderr. But why do I get the info on BW and not on other systems?

Anyone run into this before?

Here's (redacted) sample output from the sapevt command:

Wed Sep 12 19:40:17 2018
<<- SapSSLSetTraceFile()==SAP_O_K
MsIAttachEx: attach state MS_AS_DETACHED (async=0)
MsIAttachEx: connect to sapxxxxxx/ 47111
NiIHSBufInit: initialize hostname buffer (IPv4)
NiHLInit: alloc host buf (100 entries)
NiSrvLInit: alloc serv bufs (100 entries)
addrinfo of 'sapbwpci':
0: 'sapxxxxx' RAW (2-2-3-0-16)
NiHLGetNodeAddr: got hostname 'sapxxxxx' from operating system
NiIGetNodeAddr: hostname 'sapxxxxx' = addr
NiIGetServNo: servicename '99999' = port 99999
NiIInit: allocated nitab (2048 at 7f2ada74a010)
NiIInit: host/serv bufs already initialized
NiICreateHandle: hdl 1 state NI_INITIAL_CON
NiIInitSocket: set default settings for new hdl 1/sock 3 (UD; ST)
NiIBlockMode: set blockmode for hdl 1 FALSE
NiITraceByteOrder: CPU byte order: little endian, reverse network, low val .. high val
NiIConnectSocket: hdl 1 is connecting to /tmp/.sapstream47111 (timeout=5000)
NiIConnectSocket: connection of hdl 1 established to /tmp/.sapstream47111
NiIConnect: state of hdl 1 NI_CONNECTED
NiBufIHdlInit: init for hdl 1
NiBufISetHdlParam: set alloc function for hdl 1 to 5a0cc0
NiBufIAlloc: malloc MSLIB-BUF, to 32110 bytes

NiBufSend: start
NiIWrite: hdl 1 SSLState 0
NiIWrite: hdl 1 sent data (wrt=110,pac=1,MESG_IO)
>>> NiBufISelUpdate: hdl 1 mStat 2 SetMode 0 UserStat 0 UserMode 0 forceSet 0 forceRemove 0 SSLState 0

NiBufIDumpHdlInfo: hdl 1
Misc: mType 0x35 mStat 0x2 mTalkmode 0x0 mHandshake 0x0 mWritable 0x0
mpAcceptedHdl (nil)
mMaxMsgLen 8388608 mMaxUserQueLen 0 mWarnUserQueLen 0
M/S: mSetMode 0x0 mUserStat 0x0 mUserMode 0x0
IN: mpFragIn (nil) mpReadyIn (nil)
OUT: mUserQueueLen 0
mpOutQueue (nil) mpNextUser (nil) mpCurrOut (nil)
M/S: mSetMode 0x0 mUserStat 0x0 mUserMode 0x0
NiBufISelUpdate: skip setting mode/stat, handle not in select set
<<< NiBufISelUpdate: hdl 1(0, SAP_O_K) SetMode 0 UserStat 0 UserMode 0
MsINiWrite: sent 110 bytes

...and a bunch more...

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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