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VC iview crashes after transport

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We have copied a VC-model & iview and it works fine on development system. When we transport it to acceptance environment, we get this error message.

Why do we get this error message? Where can I find the log file with detailed error description?

Fout opgetreden bij verwerking opdracht voor :
iView :
Naam component : null
Pagina kon iView niet creëren..
See the details for the exception ID in the log file

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I found out that after transport and import in the test system, the codelink-field is empty. That's why the application can't be found.

How come there's no codelink?

How can I solve this?

Please give me some input.

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When you transport a VC iView, you should also transport the PAR file that it references. In the transport package's property editor, select the "Export Settings" entry (in the "Property Category dropdown) and choose "Yes" in the Resolve References" property. Then export the package again and import it. This should work now.



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Hi Weemhoff,

Try the below link for transporting a vc model.