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Value help for input field

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I want to set a value help for a input field.

I want to select data from an itab and set that itab as value help.

Plz any one Help me.

Thanks & Regards.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi sreeram,

In BSP youcan't do this directly as in aBAP.

U have to design one BSP page ,that displays the records from the table . If u select any one of the field you want that it shd be mapped to field in the Original page .

I hope this is the way to acieve search help.

If u need sample code , i will help.



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Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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The other way you can build a htm page in which you can fill up the values from your itab in column order (or any other design you want). and then pop up this window using javascript on the various client side events of the inputfield (like OnBlur(), OnFocus etc) or put a button next to it.

when the user selects a value in popup the input field will automatically filled up.

if you want javascript code to implement it reply,

hope this will help you, else reply.



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Hi sreeram,

If u r satisfied with the help ,

Award Points and Close the Thread .

It will speed up the answering process.



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Hi J,

Plz Help in giving Some Code.

I need It very Urgent.

My requirement is that, i need to select Customer Number from the list of Customers of the given Company Code.

Instead of selecting from DropDownListBox i want to select from value help.

Plz Help me.

Thanks & Regards.

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Fine ,

Wht u hav to do is simple ...

create one BSP page ...Display all the customer numbers in the table ..

In your initial page ..

Place an img button at the side of your selection field .

If u click that img call the cutomer number page .

In your second page..

Move the selected Customer number to the first page's field ,using the following Javascript ..

<script language = "javascript">

function fillid()


window.opener.document.frmintialpage.txtfnmgr.value = document.frmsecondpage.Selection.value;



Hope this helps .



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*give an id to ur form

<htmlb:form id = "myTest">

*in page layout enable f4 help for input field

<htmlb:inputField id = "MATNR"

value ="<%=txt_Matnr%>"

showHelp = "X"

onValueHelp="return htmlbSL(this,2,'F4EVENT:helpERNAMClick');" />

*declare a variable in page attribute

gv_valuehelp_visible type boolean.

*in onInputProcessing set this variable

if event->id = 'F4EVENT' .

gv_valuehelp_visible = 'X'.


*IN LAYOUT open a new window if it is set

<% IF gv_valuehelp_visible = 'X' . %>


var result ="mm_F4help.htm", "helpWindow", "top=320,left=300,height=300,width=500,status=no, menubar=no");



*In F4help page create a tableview and pass ur internal table

*create two variable in page attribute

window_close type boolean.

gv_field_value type string.

*on selection event of table view

set window_close to 'X'and gv_field_value to selected row of tableview .

*in layout write script to close this window if close_window is set

<% if close_window = 'X'.

clear close_window .

data fieldid type string.

fieldid = 'MATNR'."input field id




= '<%=gv_field_value%>';



<% endif. %>

I hope it will help u.

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Hi sree ram,

You can try this way round can set a help to select data into a input field by adding a small button adjacent to the input field and by clicking the button Java script is executed and a pop up window is opened which in turn is a page with flow logic with a table view showing the content of the value help internal table itab. Then from that pop up window upon selection of the field again java script is executed, to get the selected value on the input field.

Hope this helps. For futher help you can revert back.



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alternatively you can check out this excellent weblog by Thomas Jung