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Using Visual Composer from NWDS - CE as BI Data Source (BPM tables)

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We´re using Visual Composer to build bpm analytics reports. Acessing Visual Composer from browser (/VC) works perfectly, we can see tables from CE, on BI Data Source option.

But when using Visual Composer directly on Developer Studio. On select provider, when I click on BI Data Sources, there´s an error message:

"Check the BW systems. Check the BW configuration in the System Landscape. Make sure the user mapping is set correctly and all connection properties are correct".

But I´m not trying to connect to any BW system, I want to view CE Bpm tables.


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Hello Vitor,

Consuming BMP data sources is not supported by in VC@NWDS.

Possible workaround: start developing the models and consume BMP data sources in Visual Composer browser version and afterwards, having VC configured to work with DTR, you can check the models in to DTR, sync them in NWDS, check out and continue modeling.

Best Regards,


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Thanks, Talia!

Sorry I didnt post this as question so I´m not able to reward points.

But thanks a lot.

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Hi Vitor,

We are trying to get process and task datasource directly from CE instead of getting data form BW system.

In order to get process and task data source information, do we need to configure communication between BPM and BW? Becasuse, if I am not wrong, in the scenario of Real Time Reporting Analysis, data should be accessed directly from CE instead of getting data from BW...

Which are the steps you followed to configure system in order to make "BI Data Source" provider available? if we try to discover data sources (without BPM-BW communication configuration) we receive the message:

"Could not retrieve systems, Check the BW systems configuration in the system landscape. Make sure the user mapping is set correctly and all connection properties are correct"



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Hi Talia,

Can I connect to BI Datasources in NWDS just like we do in Web version of VC. Could you please provide a document that shows how to create a BI Datasource connection in NWDS. Any document on creating connection for VC in NDWS and how to create models in NWDS is greatly appreciated.

Thank You


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Hi Deep,

Yes, you can connect to BI Datasources in NWDS. In order to that go to:

Windows->Preferencies->Destination Configurations->R/3 Configuration and press Add button.

Open the Single Server tab, fill the fields and press OK button.

Afterwards you should restart the NWDS.

General documentation about VC in NWDS: