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Using SOAP API of "Create Billing Document- with SD Reference" to post data to S4 HANA cloud

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Hi All,

I'm using SOAP API of "Create Billing Document- with SD Reference" to create a Billing Document with respect to sales order through a third party App "SOAP UI". 
While sending the request to S4 HANA Cloud ,I'm getting a response as 202:Accepted. But the Billing Document is not being created, I've cross-checked it in the S4 HANA Cloud.
Please help me with this issue as the creation of Billing Document is not being created.

Thanks in Advance,
@Sriprasadsbhat , @Dan_Wroblewski , @Sookriti_Mishra 


Hi @sudarshan005 ,

If SOAP UI returns a status code of 202, it indicates that your request for a Billing Document has been successfully transmitted to S4Hana Cloud. However, to ascertain the current status of the request, please refer to the Message Monitoring (AIF) logs within S4Hana Cloud. If there are any data issues or missing dependencies, the billing document may not be created, and these specifics can be found in the AIF monitoring logs.

Kind regards, Vijay


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