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Using result of a formula/summary field in another

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Post Author: Computerra

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I need to create a report like this:

H0 | H1 | H2 | H3 | Total--

n11 | n12 | n13 | n14 | <formula:n11n12n13n14>n21 | n22 | n23 | n24 | <formula:n21n22n23n24>n31 | n32 | n33 | n34 | <formula:n31n32n33+n34>
sum1|sum2|sum3|sum4|<formula:sum of this formula col>

%1 | %2 | %3 | %4 |

Here, %1-4 is the percentage obtained by dividing the sum1-4 by the value of <formula:sum of this col>My problem is that i cannot get the value of <formula:sum of this col> to divide sum1-4 with (Because it has no column name).How do I achieve this? any help is appreciated.thanks.

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Answers (2)

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Post Author: synapsevampire

CA Forum: Formula

It's generally not a good idea to only post what you need without describing what you have to get us there.

Are H1-H4 values in a field or 4 different fields?

Anyway, all of this is possible in either case.


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Post Author: V361

CA Forum: Formula

I am using CR XI, You desire a report output as below.

H0 H1 H2 H3 Total11 12 13 14 5021 22 23 24 9031 32 33 34 13063 66 69 72 270 4.29% 4.09% 3.91% 3.75%

you can place your fields H0, H1, H2 in the details section, to get the totals create this formula and put it in details section also. {Field.H0}{Field.H1}{Field.H2}{Field.H3} To get the totals, right click H0, select insert, select summary, and choose report footer. To get the summary for the totals, you can use Sum ({Field.H0 })Sum ({Field.H1 })Sum ({Field.H2 })Sum ({Field.H3 }) I called this formula sum(HOH1H2+H3)

to do the % you will need a formula also. I used

{@sum(HOH1H2+H3)}/Sum ({Field.H0 })

Hopefully this will get you started on your solution.