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Using Notifications on iOS for development using SUP 2.0

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Hello Experts ,

I am developong an iPad application using SUP 2.0 .

I want to know how to use Notifications to get appropriate replies from the server .

Tried an example in infocenter but not of that use .

Where should i use notifications .

Say for Eg :- I am fetching data from Backend for a particular PO and in the mean while when the data is being fetched i want to show Notifications for onImportSuccess , onReplaySuccess

Few more examples would be of great Help .

Thanks & Regards ,

Rockky .

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Hi Rockky,

Cetrain Notifications are posted depending on the operations we do. You can find the List of Notifications in the CallBackHandler file. Infact you can write your own notification there. The CallBackHandler which you have in your project subclasses the SupDefaultCallBackHandler which is part of the include library. You can refer to the SUPDefaultCallBackHandler to get to know what all notifications you can use in your callbackhandler.m file of the project. To name a few, onSynchronize, onImport, onLoginSuccess.

Likewise,ReplaySuccess Notification occurs when the changes you have made in the server is successful.

onImportSuccess and onSubscribe success are related to data import from the SUP server.

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Hi ,

I have tried adding few notifications from my side in call back handler of my proj which subclasses from SUPdefaultCallBackHandler.

Also When i pull data using sync parameters Replay Suceess Notification appears on Console .

Same Way i tried applying logic for Notifications added by me but that is not working .

Just wanted few more samples / examples for the same.

Any kind of help would be appreciated .

Thanks ,

Rockky .