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Using html links to trigger events in Flow Files

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Im trying to trigger an event in a flow file when a user clicks on a link. I can only get flow files to work when the user presses a button so submit a form, but i cant get it to work with html links. I can't find one example of syntax that demonstrates this, although in documentation it suggests that it can be done.

i.e <a href="~event=search">Order 1202</a>

What is the correct syntax?

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Answers (3)

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Hello Costa,


<a href="`wgateURL()`?~event=sostdoc&SALESDOCUMENT=`SALES_ORDERS-SD_DOC<i>`">`


You will get a Link with the Ordernumber throwing the event sostdoc. The corresponding flow looks like this:


<event name="sostdoc" next_template="sostdoc">





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Hi.. im using ITS (Internet Transaction Server)with flow logic implementation model. Im simply listing some customer sales orders. When a user clicks on a sales order no., it needs to trigger an event in the flow file to move to the next web page to show that orders line items.

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What is the product you are working with?