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User exit or Start Roteen

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Hi every one,

I have created a report, in that these are the objects:

1. Valid from date.

2. Material status

3. Sales org

4. Invoice item

5. Order entry date

Etc etc.

Now here is the user requirment:

When ever user enters a date range which is (Order enter date) from yyy to yyy it should compaire with the (Valid from date) and if the date range falls in this valid from date then it should populate a saparate coloum XYZ and should display "Y" and if it is not in that date range then it should give "N"

Ex: if the Valid from date is (mm/dd/yy) 5/5/05

User enters order date range as 01/01/05 to 12/31/05

then XYZ=Y

else XYZ=N

And need to do this in the report level, during the run time not in the infoprovider

So I need to know whether i can write a user exit for this.

If yes can any one tell me the steps to do that? because i am new to SAP.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Pallavi,

You have to user exit in this scenario (RSR00001)

Initially you have to create a varaiable for valid date range with processing type customer exit. say VALID_DT.

create a Restrcited Keyfigure meterial status and restrict with VALID_DT

and the logic follows.



IF X_T_VAR_RANGE-LOW GE '01012005' AND X_T_VAR_RANGE-HIGH LE '12312005'.

XYZ = Y.

MOVE XYZ TO l_s_range-low.


XYZ = X.

MOVE XYZ TO l_s_range-low.


MOVE 'I' TO l_s_range-sign.

MOVE 'EQ' TO l_s_range-opt.

APPEND l_s_range TO e_t_range.

CLEAR l_s_range.


hope it helps


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Hi Pallavi,

You cannot acheive this using a start routine as start routines will work at transformation level and user cannot enter any vales at that level. So, you can go for a customer exit for that.

Here i am providing you two links in which

First link explains you about Customer exit and prerequistes


Here second explains you how to create a Customer Exit




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Sorry... Wrong post... So edited...



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