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User Exit for Sales Order

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I was asked to do some modifications to sales order. Here is my problem descriptio.

In my sales order ai item level. If we look at the text tab, we got a text type of V.O.C.Now our sales orders doesnt contain any thing. But now,

if ship-to-country eeuals to 'CH' and material containing alternative measure for stocking units of voc then we have to pring voc text ( text type 9330)

i.e VOC material decription xx%

So, how I can do this ? which user exit i have to use for this one . Please help me out in this...



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Answers (2)

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Hi ,

As Abhishek mentioned use MV45AFZZ write your code under form : FORM USEREXIT_SAVE_DOCUMENT.

for Ship-to-party Country:

Please check "XVBPA" with "PARVW" = 'WE' and XVBPA-LAND1 is HIP-to PARTY country.

the based on your condition (IF XVBPA-LAND1 = 'CH').

Change item data in "XVBAP".


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Goto Program <b>MV45AFZZ</b>

This will help u....

Abhishek Suppal