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User Decision- Sales Order change-urgent

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HI All,

I am new to workflow. I am in need of help regarding :::

1. I want to change a sales order based on the user decision.

2. And how to pass the data from one task to another task.

3. A workflow will be triggered whenever a Sales Order is created. And whenever a sales order is created , a particular person has been given the authority to approve or reject it. workitem is to be sent to this person to remove a delivery block if approved or send a mail to the concerned person if rejected .

Kindly help me in developing this Workflow.

waiting for your responses.

Thanks in advance.


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Hii suki,

As per ur requirement, initially u should be available with following things....

1) Business Object (If not take one from my side BUS2032).

2) Event to trigger ur WF(U can use salesorder--created event ff above BO)

3) Appropiate methods (U have the Edit method of above BO)

4) Tasks for different steps of workflow and these tasks need to be contained appropiate methods within themself.

5) Binding b/w different containers.

6)Selecting appropiate steps for workflow. (this u should select from swdd step ceration according to ur requiremnet).

Hope the above guide lines help u upto certain extent.

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