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User Assignment in SAC using SCIM API is failing for large number of records

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Hi All, 
Hi @Matthew_Shaw 

Can you please let us know is there is any API other than SCIM which can be used for mass roles/teams assignmnets to users in SAC?

We need to assign more than 500 roles/teams to users in single API Call.

Currently we are using SCIM API to assign users/teams in SAC using custom API web application built on ABAP. The API runs fine for around 230 records but when it exceeds the number(~230) the assignment operation fails without any error. There are no logs at SAC side and neither we can track anything in web application. 


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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Firstly, thank you so much for posting here. It will help organise our discussion better than comments to a blog post.

I would be amazed if the problem was with the SCIM API, it's almost certain the issue is with your hosting ABAP application. 

To update team membership, you must use the /Groups/TEAMID endpoint. There are different workflows you could use to add users, for example, you could add a user at a time, or you could add many users. I discuss this in a great deal in my best practices article

My article suggests the most optimised means to update a team and my sample script uses all the best practices. For example, I share that adding 500 users to an empty team could take 13 seconds, instead of 13 minutes!  So it will be interesting to see if the ABAP program has been used as its basis. Did you use my sample scripts and did it adopt the best practice? 

The scim API was also updated recently and this allows for a PATCH request this is handy if you need to make the logic very simple in your application since only a single request is needed. There would be no need to GET and then PUT, it can all be done in a single PATCH request. You might find my blog handy to explain some other improvements that have come with the scim API update.

Do feel free to share more details. My SAP colleagues will also be happy to forward an email to me, so we can discuss this directly if you think that would help.

All the best