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Usage of RoadMap ELement

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Hi there,

I would like build a wizard and therefore use the RoadMap element - but: I'm not able to find any examples of the usage of RoadMap as well as of RoadMapStep.

As far as I understand the (very small, let's say: too small) API-doc, in a wizard there should be exactly one RoadMap element. So I have got a ViewSet (two rows, one col), in the upper cell a view with the RoadMap element, in the lower cell the view with the actual content of the wizard (so: the step).

Main questions:

1.) How do I initialize the RoadMap? (I.e. how to add steps - sure, .add(...), but how to create the step?)

2.) How will the framework display the steps? (Even if I would have built up a RoadMap with let's say four steps, there is no method like .setActiveStep or so; is there any automatism built in?)

It would be great to get a complete example how to built up a RoadMap, how the framework usage works, .. and so on. If there shouldn't be something like this, at least some hints concerning the questions would be great.

Thanks in advance


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Detlev,

I tinkered around with Roadmap yesterday.

When you layout the wd_view that contains your wd_roadmap, and you right click the wd_roadmap in the Outline View, there is an entry "Insert Step".

Though it looks like we could change one wd_roadmap using only one wd_view at runtime, I would create as many views as wd_roadmapsteps at design time, ornate them with tooltips that are different depending on the active step and just change the view at runtime.

(I currently wonder how to get the tooltip of the roadmap itself)



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Hello Walter,

thanks, that little thing was what I have been missing (overseen).

About the tooltip of the RoadMap itself: Seems to be a bug. If you have got a RoadMap without steps and have set a tooltip for it, it simply does not show up.

Thanks & bye


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