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URL parameter to WDA context

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Hello all,

I'd like to call a WDA application with passing parameters to the URL. Application would have no connection to the backend (no function calls etc.), with context only filled by parameters in the URL.

1. Is there, as in WD Java (WebContextAdapter), a method to read the data from the URL to send it to the context? Any code example would be welcome!

2. Is there a limitation on the number of parameters, and/or on the length of the URL string?

Thanks in advance,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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check this <a href="/people/koen.labie2/blog/2006/11/29/eating-cookies-with-webdynpro-and-bsp or this <a href="



Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Maximum length of URL is practically 2K.

Apparently you can go to 2083 bytes on IE.

Never tested it as it is not nice way to send data.

Use the HTTP body to pass the data. (HTTP POST not get)


CALL HTTP service xyz on ABAP stack.

Your custom service.

very simple to code.

That can have as much data as you like.

The data can be persisted, under a custom key.

Then redirect to a Service that is your WDA URL.

Passing only the KEY eg a GUID.

The WDA just reads the data.

That way you are not limited to the URL



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I'd like to answer your questions.

There is some different between WD4A and WD4J

You have created view: V_defualt, and Window: W_default.


Window: Embed view --->v_default

Inbound Plugs: Importing parameter from Default--> define the parameters which you'l like to get from URL.

And also define the paramters in the Context.

then edit the code of method HanldeDefault


Properties: add the W_Default controller as Used controller.

and define and map the context.

You can find a book "Wed Dynpro for ABAP" chapter 3 at SAP Press. it's a sample chapter.


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In the DEFAULT window of your application , you have a DEFAULT plug , inside that you can call this method

Data:lt_all_url_param TYPE tihttpnvp.

wdevent->get_data( EXPORTING name = '_ALL_URL_PARAMETERS'

IMPORTING value = lt_all_url_param ).

here in the lt_all_url_param , you will get all the URL parameters as name value pair.In this case , you dont have to explicitly specify this parameter anywhere.