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Urgent : Work process in WP table of MMC are getting status as ended

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By mistake we have ended work process from Task Manager and the MMC status we are getting is yellow only..

The entries in WP Table are changing from RUN to Ended but not reaching WAIT.. Please help me how can I recreate work process or how can I wake up those.

help will be appreciated..



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Answers (2)

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There may be following reasons due to that the work porcess stops

1) listenere is not configured properly

2) Environment varialbes not set

3) Database charater set is not set as required by SAP process



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Hi Hitesh,

How can I solve these problems and how can I set those..

Please help me..

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this answer was not very helpful!

he told us, that he stopped a work process in taskmanager (for Unix people: kill -9) and after that the instance gets yellow in MMC.

what has this todo with listener, Env variables or database character set? nothing? so why change something?

I assume that he stopped the dispatcher or multiple work processes. In this case the instance gets yellow status because only the gateway is remaining.

We are not able to start a single process in a startup group after it failed.

As I already told him, stop the instance and start it again. The easiest way is perhabs rebooting.

interesting sources for analysing the root of the problem:

1. Windows Eventviewer (application eventlog)

2. SAP Tracefiles \usr\sap\<sid>\dvebmgs<no>\work dev_disp, dev_w*



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If no more Work Processes are running you have to stop the instance and start it again using mmc.