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[URGENT] Rebuilt Data Model Issue


Hi Team,

I recently ran into an error that is impacting almost 1,000 end users. It is revolving around SAP Analytics Cloud and the Data Model we were using. Below I will explain the steps I took to encounter the error and would really appreciate some guidance on this urgent issue.

  1. We are using a Data Model that is used for our Stories/Digital Boardroom/Data Analyzer
  2. I wanted to enrich the data model with a geo-location column for the Geo-Maps so I pressed "Rebuild Data Model"
  3. I selected the column that was our "location indicator" with SAP Approved country names, and selected "Geo Enrich by Area Name"
  4. I edited a few of the Country Names
  5. A new geo-enriched column was added to our Data Model
  6. Save/Validate Data/Finish Mapping
  7. Data Model saved
  8. Digital Boardroom/Stories/Data Model is now reset to the data/column structure we first uploaded into the Data Model months ago (due to the Rebuild Data Model button)
  10. We updated the data model to the MOST RECENT structure/version (additional columns/dimensions) and then uploaded the most updated dataset with exact matching columns/dimensions
  11. We then removed the additional column that the "Geo-Enrich by Area Name" included in our Data Model - we realized the Geo Map was NOT needed for our ad-hoc analysis and wanted our Data Model to be setup like it originally was, before we selected the "Rebuild Data Model" button
  12. Save/Validate/Finish Mapping
  13. All 450 charts/graphs/tables we created in our Stories/DiBo are now displaying this error: "Sorry, we couldn't access the data source. Please contact your system administrator"

This is an escalation for us as we have almost 1,000 end users using our Data Model/DiBo on a weekly basis. I did some research and was happy to discover that SAP now allows users to "Replace Data Model", without having to recreate every graph.... the data model would just have to be structured IDENTICALLY. That would not be a problem, and we are willing to do that. However, we are experiencing ANOTHER issue.

Below I will outline the steps to encounter this issue:

  1. Go to story
  2. Edit Mode
  3. Data Panel in top left corner
  4. Select dropdown where Data Model is located
  5. The Data Model we need to replace is GREYED OUT, and does NOT allow us to select the "Replace Model" button and the NAME of our Data Model has changed to something drastically different!

Can you please help us with this issue ASAP and provide some guidance? We would appreciate it greatly!!

Some additional info/questions below:

  • Is there a way to restore data model to a previous version?
  • We suspect that there is some kind of communication error between the DiBo/Stories and the Data Model
  • ***We have our DiBo/Data Model/Stories shared with users in a Team created on SAC (Security>Teams) - we are unsure if this could also be causing potential connectivity issues
  • Why did removing the Geo-Enrichment column cause this issue? This is severely impacting our business
  • By default, if a user is "Rebuilding" a data model and an issue occurs, the user should be allowed to revert to the version right before "Rebuilding". During my research on this issue, it seems a lot of users run into this problem and I am not exactly sure of the value that "Rebuilding a Data Model" provides to anyone... unless you can rebuild and maintain the same data/column/dimensions. I can't think of a business case where someone would want to reset their hard work...

I will be checking my emails all throughout the day and am looking forward to a response. Please let me know if ANY additional details are needed. I will do my best to respond rapidly.

Warm Regards,


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Hi James,

Perhaps an unnecassry question, but did you submit an incident on the SAP Support Portal and/or contacted product management via your internal resources?

Kind regards,

Martijn van Foeken | Interdobs

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Hi Martijn,

Not unnecessary at all! 🙂 Yes, and no response/acknowledgement from any internal teams. I have used in the past, and responses seem to be very quick, so I submitted it here.

If you have any guidance, or can have someone look at this issue that would be great. Please feel free to reach out. I will be checking this thread all throughout the day.