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Urgent: Error regarding HTMLB.jar

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I have created a new portal application project in NWDS.

Then I am creating JSPDynPage Component.As soon as I create the JSPDynPage component,it shows to errors

(1)The project was not built due to classpath errors(incomplete or involved in a cycle)

(2)Missing required library: 'C:Program Files/SAP/JDT/eclipse/plugins/'.

I have installed NWDS in C:\Program files on my local machine.

I have downloaded the htmlb.jar files from portal browser(ROOT/WEB-INF/portal/portalapps/ ) and included it as a external jar.But the problem still persists.

Is it trying to find the htmlb.jar in the plugin folder of NWDS?

Can anybody help me on this issue?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Parag,

When i traced the same path in my system i could find the hmlb.jar file in that particular location.

I suggest u to just trace the path and if u dont find the htmlb.jar then try copying the jar in that folder and try exporting and uploading to the portal and check.


Hope this helps.


Joshua Kiran

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Hi Joshua,

It worked.


I have a one basic question?

Is it really required to download the jar files from PDK and include in our project as external jars.

NetWeaver is also giving jar files with their installation.Can we use it.

And in my case I have traced the path for htmlb.jar in plugins directory and it picked the jar from the plugins directory

So the logic is we can use jar files supplied by netweaver.Not necessary to download it from PDK and include it as external jars.

Am I right?


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Hi Parag,

to throw some further light on this issue:

The reason why the problem existed seems to be an issue with an older NWDS or with just a buggy installation. The file should be there. Anyhow, in the .classpath file, there has been a reference to this file, and this reference did not work. This situation has not changed when you imported the HTMLB from portapps.

About your further question how to use JARs in general: For some very basic things NWDS comes with a set of libraries which are also automatically activated as classpath references when you create a portal project. HTMLB is on example of these.

Generally, you need many more in any non-trivial, portal services / API's using self developed application.

The known most productive settings are:

a) Copy the .../WEB-INF/portal/portalapps (as well as other binaries needed, under /WEB-INF as well as the J2EE binaries (logging etc)) to your local drive (if you don't have a local installation). Create about two classpath variables (for instance SAP_J2EE and SAP_PORTAL) pointing to the corresponding folders.

b) Use ClassLocator: - with this you can index all the JARs, and if you need for instance INavigationHelperService or whatever, just type it, right click on the red-underlined word, call ClassLocator for it, check if it has chosen the right JAR - and you're ready. This is as fast as it can be...

c) After having resolved all references, before deploying, you'll have to complete the SharingReference's. For this, you can now open the .classpath file, where you will find that ClassLocator has been nice enough to use variables (which makes it very easy to share the project among different developers). Now you can copy the different portal application folder names and insert them as SharingReference's.

Hope it helps


Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hi Parag,

Try to import htmlbbridge.jar it might help you

Hope it helps,