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Uploading value mappings

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Hi all,

It is possible to upload value maapings via the ValueMappingReplication interface.

Updating existing value mappings doesn't seem possible. Only insert and delete. But what happens during the small time interval when I have deleted old value mappings and not yet uploaded the new ones?

The workaround I have in mind is:

1. keep existing value mappings in place

2. upload all value mappings with new value mapping context e.g. data + version number

3. delete the old value mappings based on old value mapping context

To look up a value, I use a small piece of Java code:

- determine first the most recent value mapping context

- use this most recent value mapping context when looking up a value

It is a pitty that value mappings cannot be programmatically updated via the ValueMappingReplication interface. Any comments on the above workaround?

Kind regards, Guy Crets

FYI: see also related posting "Value mapping problem"

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We plan to do the same thing as you have described, except that we will not maintain the data externally - we plan to retrieve the data for a frontend tool, manipulate and then create/delete in XI. Do you ever retrieve the bulk values from XI? If so, I would like to know how.


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We do not export value mappings from SAP XI.

After some more research, I decided to store the value mappings in the database and not use the value mapping mechanism of SAP XI.


1. I want to access value mappings from outside SAP XI, in particular when developing XSLT maps outside XI

2. The SAP XI Value Mapping makes it quite hard to upload many-to-one value mappings (example: country-code to is yes/no member of the EU)

3. I'm not sure if the SAP XI proxy available for uploading value mappings is transactional yes/no. I need to delete all value mappings before uploading new ones.

The maintenance of the value mappings is now done outside XI. The value mappings are only imported.

In the longer term, we plan to develop a couple of ABAP programs do the maintenance of the value mappings stored in the database.

Kind regards, Guy Crets

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Hi Guy,

I wonder what reason could be changing entries of a value mapping in a life system.

Imagine you send out a message, then you change the value mapping and send a second message. So the first message what have the old value, the second the new one.

Now the messages stuck in an inbound queue for any reason. So the first message is processed after the change of the value mapping and receives the new value. Is this behavior correct?

I think it is a good idea to have a separate context for value mappings in case of changes, so each message knows which value mapping belongs to it.


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Hi Stephan,

Thanks for you helpful answer(s). In our case, the value mappings are actually maintained outside XI and used by other (older) mapping engines as wel.

I don't really know when a value mapping has been added, changed or deleted. The easiest solution is to upload them all each time. I assign new GUIDs to each "row".

Some value mappings are quite dynamic. Product codes, cost centers (cross charging) etc. change quite often. If a message would get stuck, the new value mapping may be applied.

An even more advancded feature would be to activate value mappings at a certain date/time. E.g. at the beginning of a new year or when migrating during the weekend to a new scenario.

Kind regards, Guy Crets

Note: if I would like to update one particular "row", I would need to 'remember' the GUIDs assigned to each "row".