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Upload xlsx (multi worksheet) to RAP


I have a requirement to get *.xlsx file from UI, validate data in it and save to DB table using ABAP RESTful Application Programming Model.

As i understand, I should implement it like this:

1. Create an entity with one field (XSTRING, BLOB?)

2. Using unmanaged scenario create a new oData service based on this entity

3. Create an action.

4. In class read somehow xlsx file and save it to DB table.

But i have a lot of questions:

1. What kind of abap type it is better to use for entity creation. There are no XSTRING and BLOB.

2. Will be possible to read file content using EML or how to get data from oData service?

3. Is there any example how to work with files in RAP?

Best regards,


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Hi Alex,

Did you find a solution? I have the same requirement.



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Not a solution you are looking for, but I think it would be better ot use a separate service to add attachments for now since the support for media type is not yet available in rap

You can store the data in a temporary table(draft table) and pass that key value as attachmentKey in your RAP service header. This way you can query the data in your bo.

you can also create a odata service to do it, if you don't want to use the above file-uploader.

Or maybe check if you can use the attachment service (not sure how much u can reuse it for your requirement)