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upload problem - uploads a file even though exists

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When i try to upload a file on a folder, where the same named file already exists, the file is still uploading with the below message

File "<file name>" has been uploaded but an item with this name already exists

I want to avoid uploading incase file with the same name already exists.

Any body please help me

thanx in advance


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Hi Lakshmikantha,

This facility has been provided from SP11 onwards.

It says....

User Query When Uploading Documents (New)

When you upload a document to a KM folder, the system previously only checked whether an item with the same ID already exists in the target folder. As of Support Package Stack 11, the system also checks whether there is an object with the same name. If this is the case, a dialog box opens, and you can choose one of the following options:

· Overwrite the existing document

· Upload your document as a new document

An entry field appears, in which you can change the name of the new document.

You can also decide to upload another document with the same name. In any case, the system makes sure that each object in the folder has a unique ID.

You may refer to the link for furhter details: for the same.

I have also confirm the same beofre replying to you.

On SP9, whether the versioning is enabled/displabed you can upload documents with same filename. But on SP12 it gives you an option whether you will lke to over-write or save it with a different name.

Hope this resolves your query.

If yes, I would appreciate if you please give me points for the same.

Warm Regards,

Ritu R Hunjan