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Upgrading EP6 SP10(j2ee,portal,KMC) to SP11

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I am trying to upgrade my EP6 SP10(with KMC) to SP11.

I downloaded all the patch files for J2EE, Portal &

KMC. I unzipped all the sar files in to a common folder

(sp_directory) using sapcar tool, exactly the way it is

listed in the documentation. As a result, there are

two main folders created in the root folder, one for

j2ee and the other for Portal & KMC. The document says,

I need to patch all the 3 components using the same SAPInst file. But, whenever I run the SAPInst exe file,

it is taking me through the same steps that is upgrading J2EE alone. After running SAPInst twice, I checked the versions of these 3 components in the portal and found that only J2EE is upgraded. Neither Portal platform nor the KMC has upgraded. Is there anything else that I need to do ?



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Answers (2)

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Hi Prakash,

Thankyou very much. I followed the method you suggested and it Worked !! Thnaks again.


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You have to upgrade each component separately. Don't unsar everything together. This is what you do.

1. Unsar all the files required for J2ee upgrade.

3. run the sapinst to upgrade.

4. Delete all the folder/files directory created by unsar

5. Unsar all the files required for EP.

6. run the sapinst to upgrade EP.

7. Delete all the folder/files created by unsar.

8. Unsar all the files required for KMC.

9. run the sapinst to upgrade KMC.

10. delete all the folder/files created by unsar