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Upgrading Crystal reports

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I had a question about upgrading crystal reports. We have about 300 reports which are in Crystal reports 2008 version. When we open the report in VS2010, using the crystal reports 2010 version, message pops us, asking us if we want to upgrade the report to 2010 and we say "Yes" and it works all fine. I had a question about upgrade. We have a .Net application that does some meat grinding on the reports for some other settings and then save them. We were wondering, if there is a setting we could set in our meat grinder working on the reports, to have them upgraded automatically. Is there a setting available for that purpose ?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Amit,

One option that I can think of is to use

' CrReportClientDocument.SaveAs()'


for more informaion take a look at [CR for VS 2010 InProc RAS .NET SDk Developer Guide|]

Make sure that all the crystal references to the application are of the version 13.0.

Hope this helps.


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Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hi Amit,

As soon as you open the report in CR for VS 2010 or any version of Crsytal Reports the file is either upgraded or downgraded. When you click the Save or Save As options it then saves the report in that version.

There is no Auto Save option in the SDK but in the Report Designer if you click on File, Options there is a check box to auto save after so many minutes. That will auto update the report version.