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Upgrade Manager Tool (UMT) migration timelines

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We are planing to perform an upgrade for one of our clients from XI 3.x to  BI 4.x using UMT tool, and have few queries regading the estimated timelines for the migration

Content to be migrated:

  • 10000 DESKI reports
  • 5000 WEBI reports

Based on my understanding the higher the JAVA HEAP size you allocate to the UMT tool the faster it completes the migration of infoobjects

We would like to know,

o    Normally how many reports can we scheduled in one batch

o    Are there any standard timelines defined on how much time it would take to migrate this content, considering we are using the LIVE-LIVE method


Swapnil Hoderkar

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Swapnil,

  • There is no specific number as such for how many objects you can migrate in one go. This is because it depends on total number of objects seleted and complexity on those objects. So it is always better that the migration in performed in parts. You can go folder wise here as these reports would be sorted in folders in BOE 3.1.
  • There is no standard time as well for time required to migrate these objects, however UMT may timeout if the number of objects are too large and complex.
  • The xmx java heap for UMT can be increased which will speed up the overall migration process.
  • You can stop all the servers in destination environment except CMS, IFRS and OFRS. This will help to release some more free memory on the server which can be used to increase Java heap of UMT.

Please refer following KBAs for migration best practices



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Thanks Hrishikesh that answers my questions

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