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Update Rule Overwriting values

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I have Imported Info cube <b>0PP_C13</b> & Respective Info source From business Content. The Data in the Info cube is filled by two different info source .

I have Uploaded data in cube first through <b>2Lis_04_P_ARBPL</b> infosource and then by <b>0PP_WCCP_GE</b> infosource .

The Key Figures are filled as follows.

The <b>2Lis_04_P_ARBPL</b> info source fills

<b>0TGTPROCCAP</b> Target Capacity Requirement for Operation Segment Process

<b>0TGTSETPCAP</b> Target Capacity Requirement for Operation Segment Setup

<b>0TGTTEARCAP</b> Target Capacity Requirement for Operation Segment Teardown

The <b>0PP_WCCP</b> info source fills

<b>0STANDCAP</b> Available Capacity

<b>0USINGTIME</b> Operating Time of the Capacity

However after loading data I observed that Values loaded by 2Lis_04_P_ARBPL in key figure are overwritten (I.e. set to 0) by 0PP_WCCP however this fields are set to 'No Update' .

Kindly suggest, what is to be done to maintain both values.


Jayant J. Dhawale

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Hello Jayant,

it looks like you have set it up correctly. Are you sure the key figures are overwritten? When you run the two extractions, they will create to separte requests. Therefore, the data is separated and if you look at only on of the requests it might seem like some key figures were overwritten even though they are not. Collapse the requests and the key figures will end up on the same record.



SAP NetWeaver RIG, US BI