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uninstall FESV5 component in XSA


I have installed FESV5 XSA 1 1.60.25 in our XSA (HANA Platform 2.0)

But now I want to uninstall FESV5 XSA1.60.25 bcos the HANA cockpit version is not compatible with the 1.60.25 (it requires 1.60.18).

I tried the command xs uninstall

xs uninstall sapui5_fesv5
Really uninstall 'sapui5_fesv5' ? (y/n)> y

Running uninstallation of "sapui5_fesv5" in org "zsapxx" / space "SAP" as XSA_ADMIN...
ERR The sapui5_fesv5 cannot be found

is there a way to uninstall just the component alone?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi Senthil,

Make sure you are in the right ORG and SPACE.

With the HANA XS Advanced Cockpit, this is easy to see.

For example, for the express edition we have ORG=HANAExpress, SPACE=SAP

You can Stop and Delete the application here.

To uninstall, you would need the Product Installer, which for HANA express is not included so we need to use the command line.

xs uninstall 'XSAC_UI5_FESV5' -scv

You can find this documented here


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Thank you very much denys.kempen

I'm able to use the command " xs uninstall XSAC_UI5_FESV5 -scv " and uninstall successfully.

General question

1. XSAC_COCKPIT a mandatory for XSA?

2. we have COCKPIT installed on a dedicated server for our landscape, can't we use our dedicated COCKPIT for all our XSA instances?

Thanks & Regards

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