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unable to use *.xml using guild ftp

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Hi All,

I have tried the file to file scenario using ftp based on this blog.


All is well till I have a file name.. but when i use *.xml.. there is no repsonse in the comm channel monitoring..

The guild ftp solution in this blog is unable to pick up *.xml

Is there ne solution to this?

Is there ne other similar tool??

pls help me out on this..

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Answers (4)

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Hi Ravindra,

What is the condition you have configured in comm. channel, i.e. are you deleting the file after pick up?

I have faced similar situation in which some of the files get locked by the op system and hence could not be deleted and the entire processing got rolled back.

Have you checked the audit log entries for this file scenario in RWB. Check if you are getting any error there.

Also check the comm. channel monitor in RWB to see whether or not messages are getting processed.



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The ftp has to be rfc 959 compliant

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check the link you mentioned...

the file name is case sensetive. check for the name of file as well.



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Please check the FTP server logs and check whether PI file adapter issues a LIST command or not, it should issue as follow:

LIST *.xml.

If PI file adapter is issuing properly then it's FTP servers responsible to provide all the files which have .xml extension. Try to use open source FileZilla FTP server to create File to File in FTP mode.