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Unable to uninstall sneak preview

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I installed the sneak preview of NW '04 on a laptop, but now want to remove it. When I select the uninstall option within SAPinst it returns with an error:

FSL-01027 Account user="<domain_name>\<user_name>" does not exist.

Now I am logged on with the correct user and domain and the user has full admin rights and is the same user I used when installing originally.

Can anyone suggest how I can get past this point and remove the software?

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Answers (2)

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I'm getting the same problem when installing Netweaver Developer Studio 04 on my SAP laptop computer. I've only tried installing from outside the office, perhaps it needs to authenticate the user against the domain??

Please Help.

Error goes like this:

<guiengine: login in process.

ERROR 2005-07-21 10:55:56 [synxcuser.cpp:102]

CSyUserImpl::CSyUserImpl(const CUserData&, bool)

FSL-01027 Account user="<MYSAPDOMAIN>\<MYUSER>" does not exist.

Current script:


var current = new ProcessMgt().getCurrentProcessEnvironment().getEffectiveUser();

gui.updateMsg("", current.getName());

var result = current.addPrivileges(["SeTcbPrivilege",



context.set("NeedLogoff", result ? "Logoff" : "No");

Exit status of child: 1

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Could it be you already deleted some system user the installation made up?

In that case it will become difficult because you have to do a lot of manual work, including deleting services and registry entires...