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Unable to uninstall MaxDB command dbmcli not found

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Im trying to uninstall SAP MaxDB according to the procedure below.

  1. On Unix or Linux: Open a root shell and log on as the user root.

    On Microsoft Windows: Open a command prompt and log on as a member of the Administrators group.

  2. Call Database Manager CLI in session mode, log on as a DBM operator and connect to the database assigned to the installation directory in which you want to uninstall software:

    >dbmcli -d <database_name> -u <dbm_operator>,<dbm_operator_password>

  3. Stop the database:


  4. Delete the database:


  5. Exit Database Manager CLI:


    Repeat steps 2 to 5 in succession for each database assigned to the installation directory in which you want to uninstall software.

  6. Execute the uninstallation program with the required option:

    >sdbuninst <option>

    Specify the installation to be uninstalled indicating the -i <installation name> or the -path <installation_path> option (see: Overview of Options for the SDBUNINST Program).

    If you want to uninstall all software components of all SAP MaxDB versions on your computer, specify the –all option; otherwise, specify your chosen component with the -package option. Place any package names of software components that contain spaces in double quotation marks.

    If a particular package has been installed in several versions, a list of the versioned packages with their IDs is displayed by the system. Specify a package ID and confirm.

I cannot perform step 1. Im getting

It seems that the command cannot be found.

Is there any other way to uninstall MaxDB? I used SWPM 1.0 SP31 for NW higher than 7.0x to install the Database instance. This is under Generic Options > SAP Content Server > SAP MaxDB Database instance/

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Have you tried the method in the following note to uninstall maxdb database:

1668638 - Uninstallation using SDBUNINST as of SAP MaxDB 7.8