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Unable to set Field property as Key (Not Compounded) & Text

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I am using Design Studio 1.6 SP1 Patch 2, I have created one Design studio report on top of BW query.

This BW query have GL account field which is compounded with chart of account, and its show result GLACCOUNT/Chart of account as compounded,

example: GL account number = 10001, chart of account = ABC,

when we execute design studio report it shows result as 10001/ABC

Desired result to show only GL account number = 10001, which seems not possible using design studio,

I can able to show only GL account value = 10001 by selecting option 'Key (not compounded)' from context menu of GL account field after executing same BW Query on SAP Enterprise Portal - Refer below screen shot of GL account property from Context menu (right click) of GL account field.

But same context menu option is not there when we execute same BW query via Design Studio Generic Analysis template.

Please suggest how can we get this option in Design Studio...

Regards, Dushyant.

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Answers (2)

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Hi Dushyant,

In Bex Query keep GL account number and chart of account in Rows and Change Chart of account property as no display not only for this for any compounding Objects which one you don't want see in design studio Keep No Display in Bex Query

Best Regards,


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Hi Sathish,

what you said is worked, for that Chart of account should be kept first in ROW then GL account then compounding value will gone..

but doing this un necessary fields keep showing in row even though its not being displayed..

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Please review / check your settings of the characteristics in the BEx query of this characteristic

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Hi Tammy, This setting is not available on BEx query, this setting is available at runtime, i.e. when we execute the BEx query in Bex analyzer (excel) or SAP Enterprise portal (Web) So same should be made available in design studio run time as in BEx query runtime

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Please share screen shots of the following:

BEx query with properties

Design Studio with properties

How you want the result to appear

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BEx query runtime properties:

as in my thread , instead of going into hierarchy tab go to general tab after executing BEx query and do setting as shown below

before there is compound value marked as black below

runtime bex query setting: select text & key (not compounded)

result compound value gone, these way we want the result to appear in design studio as well

Design Studio with properties: no option to remove compound value from context menu