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Unable to re-implement or reset/delete an SNOTE

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We have implemented an SNOTE 1435244. Somehow, it was not proprely implemented and now we have short dumps. When i try to reimplement the SNOTE 1435244, I get the message that the "The SAP Note already completely implemented "

So, when i try to de-implement the SNOTE or reset it, i get the below error message. How can i delete or re-implement this note without the below error message.

Unable to deimplement or reset to original, see long text

Message no. SCWN027


You want to perform one of the following actions:

Deimplement a correction from SAP Note 0001435244 that has already been implemented

Reset objects to their original state after you have imported a Support Package.

If you were to perform either of these actions, the SAP Note correction would no longer exist in your system.

However, SAP Note 0001435244 is a prerequisite for additional SAP Note corrections that have also been implemented in your system. These are SAP Notes 0001454826 .

If you were to deimplement or reset objects to their original state, you would make the objects inconsistent.

System Response

The system cannot deimplement SAP Note 0001435244 or reset the objects to their original state.


Call transaction SNOTE and check the implementation status of SAP Note 0001435244. If necessary, implement the SAP Note again.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Yes if it says that ther is a linkage with the Notes you take the all the notes which it clearelly shows itself in the Note.

First you go to SNOTE and sleect the "Data Browser" and give the Note number and execute and here you Reset SAP Note immplement the note by selecting the option deimplement option and it will ask you a Transport Request and note idown the number and repeat this for all the chain notes.

Cross check whether the Note is deimmplemented (or) not go again to SNOTE and select "Data Browser" and give the note numbers and execute and this must be shown and it means it is successfully deimmplemented.

You again start implement the Note.

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Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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You might want to look into this SDN thread.

[SDN thread link|;


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SAP Note 1435244 is a prerequisite for another SAP notes, you cannot reset this kind of note if it is the prerequisite of another note. To reset it, you have to reset the note 1454826 firstly, then reset 1435244.