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Unable to position image in page footer?

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Hi all,

I have placed an image (purple color) in the page footer.

When i try to use the following code to align in center it doesn't change.If i use flexbox within panel it gets aligned to center but i dont want the grey shade panel backgound.I tried to apply via css too but failed.Please help me.

<footer >


        <content >

          <FlexBox alignItems="Center" justifyContent="Center">


            <Image src="images/logobar.png" height="54px">







Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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hi Deepan, check this Example

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Thanks, But still the image is in left i want it to be aligned in center.

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Hello Deepan,

You could also use ToolbarSpacer in order to center an item in a toolbar.

Here you can see example with XML View - OpenUI5 Explored

And here is the JSBin example with JS View - JS Bin



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Thanks fixed my issue.

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