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Unable to open the Standard Fiori apps tiles in Fiori launchpad.


I am trying to open a standard Fiori app from Fiori apps library i.e: Customer master Factsheets (S/4HANA). We have followed the following developer tutorial:

We have successfully implemented the standard app tiles in the Launchpad in my trial account synced from on-premise system. While opening the app tile, it is showing either "forbidden" or "Not Found".

After inspecting the app, we got the "403" error in ui5appruntime.html?…eme=sap_fiori_3&sap-locale=en&sap-iframe-hint=UI5.

Need some solution to resolve this issue.imageimageimageimage

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Hi Experts,

I had successfully sorted out the error in which app tiles were not launching and apps were not showing the data.("403" error in ui5appruntime.html?…eme=sap_fiori_3&sap-locale=en&sap-iframe-hint=UI5)

Particular error that is needed to sort out at the configuration of run time destination(***Note: Not in design time destination) in our trail account destination folder. We needed to add some new property to our run time destination while configuration and they are:

HTML5.DynamicDestinationAdd this property and set its value to true when you are creating a destination for a dynamic client number of the ABAP system. For example: 120sap-sysidSystem ID of the SAP system (also referred to as SID). For example: QKYlaunchpad.wa.productId, launchpad.wa.productVersionTo enable Web Assistant content (on-screen help) for the SAP S/4HANA apps running on this system (destination), you need to configure the product and version of the Web Assistant content that corresponds to the SAP S/4HANA apps. For more information, see Activating Web Assistant this property to provide a user-friendly display name for this destination. This label is used in various runtime features, such as in the Source System field in the user Default Values option, located under the User Actions menu - Settings Default concatenated string that contains 4 characters: the first 2 characters are “32”; the last 2 characters are the instance number of the ABAP application server or the SAP system number. For example: 3200

You can ignore the launchpad.wa.productId, launchpad.wa.productVersion property if you have a trail account.


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Hi Expert,

I am also facing the same Issue can anybody guide us what to do . As I also maintained the roles in my sap NetWeaver system also by generating the authorization template and comparing the user inside the role and then expose still then unable to access the tiles present the launchpad .

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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can you check browser console if there is any error ?