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unable to login to portal

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Hi All,

I am trying to login to portal...

First page of the portal is getting displayed and when I enter the Username and Password I do not see any progress...

I see message " can not find server "

Portal server is up and running

I also restarted the server and also tried to login using Administrator user name

I am also unable to see the output of the web dynpro applications

Can anyone suggest me wht to do

Thanks in advance

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Answers (2)

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Have you make entries in the Host file of your pc.

If not then you have to enter the IP address of the Portal and the domain name of that Server.

You can find the Host file in following location:




Dhruv Shah

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Did you install portal recently means are you going to login firsttime?

check sap* is active? if sap* user is active , no user can loginto portal.

disable sap* user

user: sap*

Password: 06071992

No body can log into the portal until this account is disabled and a new super admin is created.

Information about portal setup and configuration can be found on --> Netweaver --> EP6 =< NW04

Specifically look into the Administration Guide --> User Admin section on how to create a super admin user and disable sap*.

Hope this helps,

Koti Reddy

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You can disable by setting false to ume.superadmin.activated = TRUE"

11.Start the Config Tool C:\usr\sap\<SID>\<engine-instance>\j2ee\configtool\configtool.bat

Ex: D:\usr\sap\F02\JC00\j2ee\configtool --> configtool.bat

2.Goto cluster-data --> Global server configuration --> services -->

3.Double-click on the property "ume.superadmin.activated = FALSE"


5.Restart the engine.

Koti Reddy