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Unable to find how data is fed to target table in BODS job

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Hello all,

We are working on a missing data issue. I am new to BODS and I need help on the same.

Let's consider a table A. It contains n columns with a column x which has some data missing i/e null value.

So I started looking on the job chain in BODS to know how the data is fed to the target table i.e Table A by right clicking on table and selecting "where used".

I came to know the table A is used as Target table from 7 source tables.

I noticed in 4 to 5 source tables which are feeding data to this table A, but the column x which I have Null values is not mapped from these source tables. So I was sure these tables were not responsible for the null values generated for my column x.

And in the remaining 2 tables I noticed the column X is mapped from these source table. So I was sure these 2 tables are causing the issue. But sadly this tables doesn't have any data when I tried executing in query and there are also no filters used to restrict data.

And from some of the dataflows I noted the Table A which I was looking for also used as a source table. to fed data to same table A i.e itself. How come this is possible?? I am really confused how these columns are getting mapped and it would be great if someone can share their expertise. Thanks in advance


You shouldn't assume that the queries from source tables that don't map column x are not the source of the nulls - in fact they most likely "are". Depending on the type of database, if the the target table allows nulls in column x and rows are inserted without a reference to column x, then column x will end up with nulls.

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