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Unable to deploy application to cloud foundry

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I am facing following issues while deploying UI5 application to Cloud foundry via honeycomb NG. Locally it works fine and deployment is successful when triggered from Business application studio.

2023-11-03T03:42:52.27+0000 [APP/PROC/WEB/0] OUT > fiori run --open "index.html?sap-ui-xx-viewCache=false"

2023-11-03T03:42:52.27+0000 [APP/PROC/WEB/0] ERR sh: 1: fiori: not found

2023-11-03T03:42:52.29+0000 [APP/PROC/WEB/0] OUT Exit status 127

2023-11-03T03:42:59.20+0000 [CELL/0] OUT Cell e9926a76-8c93-458a-a12b-4261eee45b30 stopping instance 26a9588c-0eec-4f89-6060-6431

2023-11-03T03:42:59.20+0000 [CELL/0] OUT Cell e9926a76-8c93-458a-a12b-4261eee45b30 destroying container for instance 26a9588c-0eec-4f89-6060-6431

2023-11-03T03:42:59.21+0000 [API/1] OUT Process has crashed with type: "web"

2023-11-03T03:42:59.30+0000 [CELL/0] OUT Cell 5836882a-0ce3-4fcc-82d8-252c01d681c9 creating container for instance c68230b5-1455-4312-7eed-5700

2023-11-03T03:42:59.30+0000 [PROXY/0] OUT Exit status 137

2023-11-03T03:42:59.74+0000 [CELL/0] OUT Security group rules were updated


Shivdutt Vashisth

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What is honeycomb NG?

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Answers (1)

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Looks like your package.json start script is trying to start the app like you would for local development. I would suggest you check Examples of HTML5 Applications for SAP Business Technology Platform Multi-Cloud Environments to find the best option for your deployment.