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Unable to delete a single task in RMS workflow in SAP DI

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I would like to test a single task in the Production instance of SAP DI, however when I delete the task from the replication workflow and re-deploy it, I get a pop-up saying additional tasks have changed and need to be re-deployed again.
I never had this issue in Dev/QA where I was able to delete one single task from the workflow and test it separately without having to re-deploy other tasks in the same workflow.
As an example please see the attached screenshot for the pop-up that I receive while deleting ACDOCU table in the Production instance.

I have also attached a separate screenshot of deleting the same task in Dev/QA instance where I did not get any dependent tasks.

Any reason why this might happen and how do I resolve this?





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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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I realize this question is a bit dated now, but it might be due to your user not having the latest revision of the RMS replication. To resolve this, you can right click on the RMS name in the left panel, then "import from shared repositiory" to be sure you have the latest version.