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Unable to archive error files

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Hi all,

We are trying to archive error files in AL11 folder,but receiving the following error as per the XPI trace log


" Unable to archive faulty input file ***file path ** to **Al11 path ** Cause: 553 Unexpected reply codeCan't rename file."

Conversion of file content to XML failed at position 0: java.lang.Exception: ERROR consistency check in recordset structure validation (line no. 1532: missing structure(s) in last recordset

Retry interval started. Length: 60.0 seconds.

******* ******

There are no existing files in the AL11 path used and no renaming settings at channel level.As per the OSS note raised we are supposed to maintain one parameter 'archiveOnException' that has to be set to a string value that is equal to the cause of the module exception,

We have no clarity on what exact string value is to be used from the monitoring or XPI logs.Could someone please guide what should be the value/range of values or the exact step in log to find this string value?

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