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UME datasource configuration issues in post-migration steps

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We have done the migration from EP6 SP2 to NW04 SR1, and we are running into a problem with the UME datasource configuration (4.2.5) in the post-migration steps.

The migration troubleshooting guide attached to SAP Note 777176 lists this as an issue: "If you migrate from an EP 6.0 SP2 Patch 27 or lower installation that is configured to use a SAP system as data source (property ume.persistence.data_source_configuration=dataSourceConfiguration_r3.xml) the migration tool is not able to migrate the password of the SAP communication user (SAPJSF). As a consequence, the datasource file configuration is also not migrated, so that the NW04 system is able to start with database only. This limitation will be fixed with the next available patch after Patch 6." The migration tool we used was supposed to take it to Patch 7, but we still had this problem.

The solution offered is to log onto the portal with a user that has the super admin role, navigate to System Administration > System Configuration > UME Configuration and select the datasource file that was used in the source system, navigate to the SAP System tab and enter the password of the SAP communication user (SAPJSF) save the settings and restart the NW04 system.

We did this, and the J2EE engine would not restart. We had to go into Configtool and change it back to database only for the J2EE engine to restart.

According to SAP Note 718383 (the one everyone keeps telling me to follow) if the ume.persistence.data_source_configuration property is set to dataSourceConfiguration_database_only.xml, which it is, you can only change to an LDAP file (not an option here) or "dataSourceConfiguration_abap.xml".

The source system is dataSourceConfiguration_r3.xml. It will not allow us to change to this.

In Configtool, I went into the edit mode and replaced the dataSourceConfiguration_r3.xml and dataSourceConfiguration_r3_rw.xml files with the ones we uploaded from the source, but when I try to select those for the ume.persistence.data_source_configuration property, they do not exist in the drop-down box, and if I try to browse and upload them it tells me they are already there so I can't upload them.

As a try-anything approach, I even tried changing it to the dataSourceConfiguration_abap.xml file attached to SAP Note 718383, that you're supposed to be able to change to, and the J2EE engine will not come up with it set that way.

We are now at SPS 12 (no, it didn't fix the problem). We are having the same issue, with one variation. Now, if we try to change the datasource in the portal, we get a message that we are not allowed to change it, and it just does not change.

I am out of ideas and out of time. Any suggestions?

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Hi Deborah,

try the following:

1. On the target system, log into the EP and navigate to:

System Administration -> System Configuration -> UM COnfiguration -> SAP System

Check if all settings there equal to the settings in the source system. Press the "Test Connection" Button. If the test was successful, save your changes.

2. After this, navigate to the direct editing tab and enter at the "ume.persistence.data_source_configuration" property the value "dataSourceConfiguration_abap.xml" as described in Note 718383. Save your changes and try to restart the NW04 system.

Best regards, Jannis