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@UI.facet does not work

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Hi Guru,

I am new to Fiori elements and tried to build a List Object Report. I have installed IDES EHP8 (NetWeaver 7.50) and have ADT (2023-12) included in eclipse.

When I tried to used the annotation "@UI.facet", eclipse does not seem to able to recognize it, the text turns to red as shown in Fig.1 below. However, I can still create a page to this far as shown in Fig. 2.

I assume it is because my NetWeaver version does not support this annotation, can anyone please let me know what is missing in my installation/configuration? Is there workaround to this issue?

Thank you.

Fig. 1

Fig. 2

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@UI.facet annotation is for object page. How does your object page look like?

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